Is there an age and height limit to climbing on the SkyMate?

Before you take on a SkyChallenge there are some requirements that you need to meet:

  • If you are over 140cm in height, weigh between 20kg and 130kg and are over the age of 14 years – you are good to go!
  • If you are between 120cm and 139cm you must be accompanied*
  • If you are under 14 years of age you must be actively supervised** by a parent or guardian on the SkyMate with a ratio of 1:10 (1 adult to 10 children under 14)
  • Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older in the park at all times.
* Accompanied means Children between 120cm and 139cm must be joined by a participating parent or guardian on the obstacle challenges with a ratio of 1 adult : 2 children ** Actively supervised requires the parent or guardian to be standing on the SkyMate whilst the child under 14 is engaging in activities. Click here for Conditions of Entry. Prior to your visit to the park you must download the waiver form, have each guest sign it and bring the form(s) with you on the day of your visit.  

I am not climbing but I would like to see the view from the top – Can I go up?

We welcome all people to explore the SkyMate for its amazing view! If you are visiting the park just to experience the view then a minimal $5 admission fee is charged.

How safe is the MegaAdventure Aerial Park?

Safety is our absolute, number one, biggest priority. The MegaAdventure Park maintains the very highest of safety standards. All guests wear the correct harness and safety gear and are given a full briefing before they access the SkyMate. All of our crew are fully trained and have the appropriate qualifications to support climbers as they explore. As with anything, though – safety is everyone’s responsibility. So, as much as we can provide the safest experience possible, we require our guests to actively participate in their own safety and that of other guests.

Where can I put my belongings?

We have onsite lockers available to hire for a small charge and recommend that you do not take anything up on the SkyMate that cannot be securely attached to you.

Help – I’m scared of heights! Can I still climb on the SkyMate?

High rope courses, zip lines, leaping off buildings, climbing walls…these are all a great ways of getting over the fear of heights, called ‘acrophobia’. The old adage of ‘face your fears’ is very true, and once you’ve conquered the SkyMate, many people leave many fears behind. We assure you, we will never try to make you do anything you don’t want to – but the sense of achievement you get from conquering the SkyMate leaves most ex-acrophobiacs beaming from ear-to-ear!

What should I wear?

Exploring an Aerial Park is a physical activity – so you should really dress comfortably. For all of our adventurers, we recommend you wear appropriate sportswear such as clothes that are not too loose and baggy (you don’t want to get them caught up). You are also encouraged to cover your shoulders, waist and thighs so that the harness can be as comfortable as possible. All climbers must be wearing closed-toe shoes such as sports or walking shoes. If it is wet or rainy you will still have loads of fun exploring, however, you may want to wear a waterproof jacket.

I want to work at MegaAdventure Aerial Park – are there any job openings?

At the MegaAdventure Aerial Park we are building a team of the most energetic, focused and committed people we can find. Our current Crew is made up of a highly dynamic team – within which we foster creativity, initiative, personal responsibility and teamwork… …(one of the most sought after jobs in the state)… …but there is always room for more! We will regularly advertise our openings on our LinkedIn page and our Facebook page.

I have another question!

If you want to know anything else, please contact us or call 1300 634 269.