Prepped for Excitement

We want you to have the ultimate experience out of your visit to Mega Adventure Park, so we‘ve put together a few tips that may be useful as you plan your visit.

Enjoy Your Time At The Aerial Park

Everyone’s experience at Mega Adventure Park will be different, and it will be unique each time you come back. We’re also well aware that different people will climb and explore at their own pace, whatever that may be. We want you to enjoy challenging yourself. Our Crew are all highly trained and there to help if you get stuck or just need some motivation to overcome a hurdle or reach the next step. We want everyone to enjoy the exhilarating freedom of hanging out and having fun, literally!


Suggested Dress

Anyone exploring the Aerial Park should dress comfortably. For all of our adventurers, we recommend appropriate sportswear such as clothes that aren’t too loose and baggy to avoid getting them caught on anything. All climbers must wear closed-toe shoes like sports sneakers or walking shoes that won’t fall off. If it’s wet or raining you’ll still have lots of fun exploring, but you may want to wear a waterproof jacket. We also encourage you to cover your shoulders, waist and thighs so the harness is as comfortable as possible.


Phones and Cameras

We completely understand that you will want to take photos while you’re exploring. Because of the risk of phones and cameras falling and hitting other climbers, you must have your phone and or camera attached to you. You can purchase specially designed pouches for your phone from our kiosk that you can keep for future visits. Make sure you post your awesome photos, and don’t forget to tag us in your shot! #MegaAdventureAU


Food and Refreshments

Exploring is thirsty work, and you’ll need to refuel! We’ve got everything you’ll need at Mega Adventure Kiosk. Our wide range of food and beverages will provide you with the sustenance needed for the day. There are picnic chairs and tables around the park and lots of grassed areas if you’d like to spread out and relax. Please ensure you read our Conditions of Entry before you come, just to make sure you know what you can and can’t bring when you visit.


Sun Smart

There’s nothing better than being outdoors enjoying the South Australian sunshine, but we do ask that you remember to play it safe by applying sunscreen and wearing a hat. There is minimal shade on SkyMate, so it’s important to slip, slop, slap before you start your climb! Being located right on the ocean means we see all sorts of weather.


Wet Weather

In the rain, you get to explore all new climbing paths and challenges with the extra fun of being wet. A windy and blustery day can add a whole new level of challenge! In the event we feel the weather is making climbing dangerous, such as during lightning storms, we’ll ask climbers to come off SkyMate. Usually these kinds of storms pass in minutes and climbers can go back on SkyMate. Of course, our Crew will always be there to help you, letting you know when you should come down from SkyMate, and when you can go back to doing what we all love – climbing! Remember, thanks to our expertly trained staff and professional equipment, your safety is our priority at all times, whatever the weather conditions.


Conditions of Entry

Please see our Conditions of Entry page.