• Guests must not be under heavy stress, intoxication, or fatigue that could compromise ‘good judgement’.
  • Guests must demonstrate an understanding of the rules and etiquette of being in the park.
  • Guests under 14 years old must have an adult supervising them (max 1 adult : 10 minors).
  • Mega Adventure is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Recording device users must ensure the consent of the individuals captured and gain further consent if they wish to publish the content (ie. social media).
  • No glass or sharps are allowed on the premises without prior consent by management.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times and owners must clean up after.
  • No alcohol may be brought into or out of the park.
  • Cooking apparatus are not permitted.

Management retains the right to inspect the belongings of guests for prohibited materials at any time.

In addition, MegaBounce or SkyChallenge participants must:

  • Not be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Strict zero tolerance policy.
  • Acknowledge the nature of the risks of participation by completing a disclaimer.
  • Be free of any medical condition/s that could be aggravated by physical exertion, moderate impact, fall arrest forces, harness suspension, or anxiety; including pregnancy.
  • Be adequately secured by the supplied harness.
  • Not have any object on their person that could be dropped.
  • Not have loose clothing or loose jewellery.
  • Long hair must be tied back.

*Some activities may be closed for routine maintenance.