Mega Adventure is a privately held company.  We were incorporated in 2005 and the group is led by its Managing Director and founder, Alex Blyth.
We currently have adventure operations in Singapore and Australia, with further plans for growth on the horizon.


Our Mission

Mega Adventure has a crystal clear aim:


We do this in a way that motivates people to aspire to better themselves by encouraging the exploration of personal adventure and rewards. We challenge people to recognise their individual achievements, which will ultimately drive personal growth.


Our Core Values

Mega Adventure successfully provides adventure experiences to over 500,000 people in urban communities each year.
Everything we do is based on our four core values:

Mega Adventure Brand Pillars


Community Partnerships

Mega Adventure is a great believer in supporting the community. This why we have created a number of very worthy community partnerships:


The B1G1 foundation was established to allow businesses to continually generate funds for worthy projects on behalf of communities in need. MegaAdventure has been a long supporter of this organisation and donates a % of revenue each year. At the last count, Mega Adventure is responsible for 1,358,588 Giving Impacts!

You can find out more about B1G1 at:



Established in 1997, CARE is a registered charity and is Singapore’s leading agency in psychosocial risk prevention amongst youths. Using a multi-dimensional approach that engages and empowers youths, schools, families and communities, CARE helps Singapore’s vulnerable young people find direction, hope and success in life.

You can find out more about CARE at:


Coming Soon

We are really close to being able to announce our new Australian community partnerships and we can’t wait to share these with you. If you are interested in talking to Mega Adventure about a community partnership you can email our team with more information.